A Backstage Pass to You

Come Back Home to You.

Being celebrated and in the spotlight can have exclusive, world-class benefits but it can also come at an incredibly high price. Amongst the unique challenges, pressures, expectations and demands the unforgiving visibility can leave you feeling isolated and separate and make it easy to lose sight of who you are, why you’re here and if true happiness is really within your reach.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Drawing from her 25+ years of experience and expertise in psychotherapy, coaching, intuitive energy healing and spirituality, Heidi Garis offers a specialized safe haven for those in the spotlight. Her confidential, cutting-edge, tailored-to-you emotional support, spiritual guidance and soul-level healing results in a literal back-stage pass back to You and a coming home to the truth of who You are. Coming home to You means that you can finally claim genuine peace of mind, empowered self-trust, deepened resilience and authentic connection. She will guide you to rise within, connect to your true North Star and live fulfilled, happy and truly abundant.

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Heidi B. Garis, MSW, M.Msc, RMT, LMT

Offering confidential, expert, tailored-to-you emotional support, personal development and spiritual guidance when you need it, as you need it through private, specialized transformational retreats and on-going, on-demand healing and thera-coaching.

Heidi B. Garis, MSW, M.MSC., RMT, LMT